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Heyyy there! I wanted to stop in and tell you about one of my favorite ways to incorporate more herbal medicine into my life.. and that is herbal infusions!

Herbal infusions are my go-to when I am feeling low and am needing extra nourishment + energy. Herbal infusions are basically just super strong herbal teas and contain a very high amount of vitamins & minerals compared to a regular tea. They are steeped, typically overnight in a glass mason jar. Using boiling water and a long steeping period makes the tea ULTRA potent.

Herbal Infusions are an incredibly simple way to get in powerful nutrients on a daily basis. Think of it as your daily multi vitamin/mineral supplement. You will notice the immediate energy it provides. You can use a variety of different herbs but nettle, oat straw are my current go-to’s. Nettle infusions being the one I probably utilize the most, especially during my menstrual cycle. Nettle gives me that extra boost of iron and overall energy when I am feeling low. I was even able to kick my coffee addiction with the help of nettle infusions. Stinging nettle infusions contain high amounts of trace minerals and vitamin K as well as antioxidants. Nettle infusions are a nutritive tonic that can help to assist the body with cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation and overall health. Nettle is also an amazing ally for seasonal allergies! I drink my nettle infusions over ice with a little bit of sugar or salt.

My second favorite herb to use is Oatstraw which has a very mild taste compared to Nettle, I enjoy drinking Oatstraw infusions with a bit of honey or sugar.

“Oatstraw (Avena sativa) is the herb of longevity in the Auryuvedic system of India. It restores nervous system integrity, emotional flexibility, and sexual flow. Oats and oatstraw are exceptionally good at nourishing heart health and moderating cholesterol. Oatstraw infusion (not tea, not tincture, not capsules) provides lots of protein, all macro- and trace-mineral in high amounts, and very high amounts of B vitamins – excepting vitamin B12.” – Susun Weed


What you will need:

your choice of dried herb

a mason jar and lid


hot pad



-place 1 oz of  your dried herb of choice in your mason jar. If you don’t have a scale you can fill the jar about 1/3 of the way with herb.

-cover all the way to the top with boiling water ***tip**- place a butter knife in the jar as you fill it with hot water! helps to keep the jar from shattering!!

– use the butter knife to stir herb to make sure the herb is all incorporated and fill jar with more water until it nearly reaches the top.

– use a towel or hot pad to help you cap the jar. Let steep for a minimum of 4 hrs and up to 8 hrs (overnight)- I typically make them right before bed and steep them 8 hrs overnight.

-strain & enjoy!

-refrigerate and drink within a day or two!


Where to purchase high-quality sustainable organic dried herb (quite affordable too!)

Amazon- Frontier Co-Op & Starwest Botanicals

Mountain Rose Herbs